Turtle Premium T-Shirts for Women

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Perfect idea for an eco-friendly gift that also helps to save our planet!  


Female model wears 'M' on the pictures


  🌱 Made from Organic and High Quality Cotton


💧 Each 100 $ donated = 1 kg of rubbish is cleaned from the oceans 💧

🌊 Each product from our shop helps to donate for cleaning the oceans 🌊

🐳 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually  🐳

Become an Ocean Ranger and help our mission to clean the big blue oceans. Let's purify together as every order counts to save lives of millions of animals!

🍀 Purify Oceans stands for supporting the best animals’ heroes by selecting organisations very carefully and verifying their great efforts.  
We simply want to be sure that we are helping the best people out there to do wonderful things.

Find out more about organisations we support:   https://purifyoceans.com/pages/about

  💙 Let's make the oceans better place! 💙