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Purify Oceans stands for supporting the best animals’ heroes by selecting organisations very carefully and verifying their great efforts. We simply want to be sure that we are helping the best people out there to do wonderful things.  

Our founders on a boat with Ingrid!

One of our long-term fascinations are Orca in the wild as well learning about those stuck in captivity. This is how we found Dr. Ingrid Visser, known as 'The Orca Lady' and ‘Orca Advocate’, as she has devoted her life to help marine wildlife, especially Orca. She has worked on a number of projects to help orca around the world, including founding and running the Orca Research Trust in her home country of New Zealand

On our recent journey to New Zealand, we had a pleasure of meeting Dr. Ingrid Visser from Orca Research Trust NZ. We had the opportunity to spend time with her on a research boat. We had the good fortune to encounter a small group of orca as well as we could see they recognise her and come to say ‘hello’! We love the way she is connected to them! In the movies from her archives, we could watch her freely swimming among them as a part of the pod!

Orca favourite food, ray's liver!

Her dedication for Orca is inspiring! We are currently working with her on developing a software project that will help educate the public and expand Ingrid’s orca research. In addition, we support her organisation by donating from our sales!

Photo credits for Orca Research Trust NZ

Did you know that Dr. Visser has helped rescue orca from beaches as well as when they become entangled in ropes and nets? She also worked with the team that helped rehabilitated the orca known as “Keiko” who was the star of the 1993 Hollywood movie ‘FREE WILLY’. As part of that effort Keiko was removed from a tiny concrete tank where he performed shows in Mexico and returned to Icelandic waters where he was born. He was taught to hunt live fish and swim in the open ocean and even swam all the way to Norway.

Photo credits for Orca Research Trust NZ

Dr Visser has also been involved with trying to help free another orca from captivity, a young female orca called Morgan, who was from Norway. She ended up off the Dutch coast alone and incredibly thin, so she was rescued by an aquarium in the Netherlands. They were supposed to return her to the ocean, but instead they shipped her to a theme park in Spain. There Morgan has been used in circus-like shows and bred with a captive orca. Her calf was born deformed and is exposed to a lot of aggression from the other orca. To read more about the work that Ingrid is doing and how you can help, visit:

www.orcaresearch.org, www.whale-rescue.org, www.freemorgan.org

Join #FREEWHALES campaign on social media along with us, Harry Styles, Leonardo di Caprio and many more to help rescue more marine mammals from captivity and help protecting wildlife!




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