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Skip A Straw, Save A Turtle
100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually. We are fighting for a plastic free ocean by supporting clean up organisations and foundations as well as plastic preventing research and development.By selling this jumper we are aiming to raise money and bring awareness to effects of plastic pollution.

Each sale helps to clean up our beautiful oceans.

Sustainability first

Purify oceans isn’t just another clothing shop, we dedicate ourselves to create a better planet by supporting those who do good. Part of each sale is donated to carefully selected Foundations that help clean up the ocean.

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Environment-friendly packaging

Minimise our footprint

We care about our planet and we want to make sure our packaging is eco-friendly . It's made from recycled materials to minimise the environmental footprint. We support sustainable solutions.

Hawaii contemplates joining over 60 places in the US to ban the use of throwaway styrofoam/polystyrene

Best Seller
"Amazing initiative and a great way to spread the word to everyone around us! Wearing a sweater made lots of conversations about saving the oceans! Thanks PurifyOceans!"
Lucy Winslet
"Being a part of Ocean Rangers feels great! I wear my T-shirt and talk to people how they can donate by getting one and making people aware of the problem by wearing one! Brilliant!"
James Copper
"Beautiful products and cause! I'm so happy with my sweater, so proud to wear it. I get so many positive reactions too, just awesome!"
Olivia S.